Own A Business? How To Maximize Lunchtime For Your Staff.

When you're at work, the lunch hour can seem to come and go like a breeze. There are so many tasks to do and when it's time to take a break and nourish yourself with a few bites of your favorite meal, the time goes by in a flash. If you're a business owner and you've heard the rumblings of disappointment from your staff about how they aren't able to really get the most out of their lunch break, read through this article to see what you can do to maximize that oh-so-precious lunch hour.

Partner With Local Restaurants For Speedy Food Delivery

A big reason why so many staff members could be upset is because of the hassle they have to go through just to pick up some food during lunchtime. Battling traffic to go to an eatery, place the order, make sure everything is in the bag, and head back to the office only to realize that it's time to clock back in without even having a chance to take a bite can be extremely frustrating, to say the least.

You can make things so much easier for your team by partnering with some of the local restaurants and setting up an arrangement for quick delivery service. Email a survey to your team and ask them which restaurants they would order from the most if it wasn't so difficult to get there. Once you have the information, tally up the votes and the top restaurants should be the ones that you strike up a relationship with.

Delivery Makes Lunch More Convenient

When you go to the eateries, ask to speak with the owner or a manager. Explain to them that you're looking to set up a corporate food delivery service. You can sweeten the deal for the managers by letting them know that you have several employees at your business who love to eat at those particular restaurants so the money is sure to be there.

Pick a central time that works for the most people in your building and send out an email or text blast explaining to the team how they can place their order as soon as they get to work and expect it to be there the moment their lunch time begins.

The people who work at your company deserve any breaks you can give them. You can transform morale overnight by simple making corporate food delivery service a viable option.

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