Choosing The Right Ice Machine For Your Restaurant

Having a stable and clean supply of ice is crucial for many food service operations. Here are some tips on how to choose a great ice machine to meet your restaurant's needs.

Types of Ice

There are a few types of ice output that you can choose, depending on your budget and your need for quick cooling. Cube ice is a common choice for restaurants. These larger chunks of ice melt more slowly compared to the smaller pieces of ice. Nugget ice can be a more appealing variety for many guests, since it is easier to chew. Flake ice is made of tiny pieces of ice that cool a beverage quickly, but they also melt quickly.

Type of Machine

There are a few types of standard ice machines. For small cafeterias, a countertop ice machine is a standard choice because it is compact. These machines may also produce water. The next step up would be an undercounter ice machine, which is a floor machine that both produces and stores ice. The more robust models of ice machines are called modular ice machines; these can be attached to a soda machine or stand alone to produce large amounts of ice.

Machine Output

It's important to get the power of your ice machine correct. Some ice machines have an output of up to 1000 pounds per day, but if you don't need a machine of this size, you'll be wasting both money and energy. Look at your average ice requirements per day and scale up a bit to accommodate for growth.

Availability of Add-Ons

A few different add-ons can make your ice machine more effective. If the ice will be consumed, then you should consider whether it's possible to place a filter inside the machine or whether you'll have to filter the water before adding it to the machine. You may also need to consider what type of dispensers can be added; generally, an undercounter ice machine is less friendly to dispenser add-ons, while a modular or countertop machine can be modified more easily.

With so many different options for ice machines, it can be hard to pick the right one. If you are unsure what the best option is for your restaurant, take a look at what other restaurants like yours are using. Your ice machine manufacturer can guide you in choosing an industry standard machine or picking an option that reflects your individual needs. 

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